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Compatible With
  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
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This plugin was created to monitor a Promise Vtrak storage device. It monitors the physical drives and the chassis itself (power supplies, fans, etc). Several attached enclosures are supported.
Please find the plugin and up to date documentation here:

** Copyright/Authors **
2007 Barry O'Donovan (bod) -
2014 Claudio Kuenzler (ck) -

** Version history **
# 2007XXXX Created (bod)
# 20140626 Fork/rewrite for multiple Vtrack models (ck)
# 20140627 Added enclosure check type (ck)
# 20140701 Extended disk check with different subchecks (ck)
# 20140701 Added ps check type (ck)
# 20140701 Added fan check type (ck)
# 20140702 Added ctrl check type (ck)
# 20140702 Merged disk and diskonline checks (ck)
# 20140703 Added spare check type (ck)

** Compatibility **
The plugin has been successfully tested on the following Promise Vtrak devices:
[Please see up to date table on]

** Definition of parameters **
-H Hostname or IP address of the Promise Vtrak Head
-C SNMP community name (if not set, public will be used).
-m Model of the Vtrak. Currently supported: E310x, E610x, M610x
-t Type to check. See below for valid types.
--help Show this help/usage.

** Definition of the check types **
ctrl - Check status of all controllers
disk - Check status of all physical disks
enclosure - Check status of all enclosures
fan - Check status of all fans (blowers)
info - Show basic information of the Vtrak
ps - Check status of all power supplies
spare - Check the status of all spare disks