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Category: HP (Compaq)

Nagios plugins to monitoring HP/Compaq server hardware.

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Category Listings:
There are 39 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Check RAID devices on HP DL320 G5 - windows

A perl-based plugin to check RAID devices on HP DL320 G5 servers running Windows. It requires Hrconf

check_cciss - HP and Compaq Smart Array Hardware status

check_cciss - HP and Compaq Smart Array Hardware status HP Smart Array Hardware status plugin for Nagios 1.x/2.x/3.x



A Nagios plugin that checks HP Proliant hardware raid via the VMWare ESXCLI tool on ESXi servers with the HP Util Blunde installed (hpacucli namespace enabled). This is based on the check_hparray plugin but with the checking order corrected in order t ...



Check CPUs, fans, array controllers, logical / physical drives, temperature and power supplies on your Proliant servers or blade systems through SNMP. As of version 2.20 you can use this plugin to retrieve performance data for Smart Array CPUs.



Nagios plugin that checks HP RAID controller status with hpacucli, requires CPAN module Nagios::Plugin & hpacucli to be installed. To work it will need a sudoers line see NOTES in code for details.



Plugin written in Bourne Shell that checks HP Proliant hardware raid via the HPACUCLI tool.


This plugin monitors the hardware health of HP Proliant Servers, provided that the hpasm (HP Advanced Server Management) software is installed. It is also able to monitor the system health of HP Bladesystems and storage systems.


check_HPBladeSystemTemperature Plugin (written in PHP) dedicated for Nagios which allows to read ambient mean temperature of HP Blade System.



check_hpIML allows you to check if everything is OK from IML point of view. It uses hpasmcli from hp-health



check_hp_bladechassis check_hp_bladechassis is a plugin for Nagios which checks the hardware health of HP blade enclosures via SNMP. The plugin is only tested with the c7000 enclosure.

This is a Nagios plugin, for reporting and checking the normal operation of the ILO port of a HP Server HP (brand) Servers are typically equipped with a management processor, branded 'ILO' (Integrated Lights Out). This provides remote access and allows ...


Bash script, checks and returns status and informations about HP iLOs card (2, 3 and 4 version)

LicenseGPL This Nagios Plugin gets the size (Kb, Mb, Gb) of the total/free/used memory of a HP Procurve Switch. Warning and critical levels (in %) can be set, and plugin gives us perfdata output too, so it can be graphed wit ...



The plugin is a rough http scrap to get the text from ilo 100 server monitors. The ilo 100 monitors do not have an snmp engine and pass snmp queries to the local OS. So if your OS does not have the snmp drives running you cannot get the ilo sensor data... ...



Checks the iLO Management Controller of HP Proliant Servers by querying it via XML


Check hardware health of HP Proliant Servers by querying the iLO2/3/4 Management Controller.


Plugin to check Proliant hardware using only Python and HPASMCLI.


Checks HP Smart Array (CISS) controller using only tools/commands in FreeBSD base (no perl or hpasm required).

This shell script checks HP/Compaq hardware via SNMP in the most efficient way possible. The plugin requires HP Insight Management Agents/System Management Homepage be installed on the server - the plugin is known to work with Windows and Linux.


This plugin check the thermal and fan state of HP servers running CPQ SNMP extension.

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