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This shell script checks HP/Compaq hardware via SNMP in the most efficient way possible. The plugin requires HP Insight Management Agents/System Management Homepage be installed on the server - the plugin is known to work with Windows and Linux.
This script requires the HP Insight Management Agents as well as the System Management Homepage application to be installed on each server.

Due to the reliance on the Integrated Management Log, you have two options:

1. Use an SNMP READ+WRITE community setup on the server (BUT NOT USED FOR THIS SCRIPT) so that the System Management Homepage
application can be used to clear errors or mark them as repaired to return cpqHeMibCondition.0 to

an OK status.

--Last modified 20081019

2. On Windows you may also install the WBEM provider.

If you're really cool and your server is running linux, do the following in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf to make things easy



see the documentation for HP's System Management Homepage for more information on that application

last modified by Jake Paulus on 20090223