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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_ilo.shcheck_ilo bash script
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Checks the iLO Management Controller of HP Proliant Servers by querying it via XML
This is a bash plugin which needs only some common unix tools and curl to query the Management Controller. It just sends some XML and queries the output.

The script is based upon "findilos" from See his website:
Reviews (5)
byhghare, August 7, 2019
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is this script compatible with Nagios Xi?
bykabhotz, February 19, 2019
To make it work with iLO v4 I have modified the script in this way:

# prepare lookup file for iLO hardware versions
cat > $ilohwvers

The output of the script is:

OK - type: iLO-4 firmware: 2.55 serial: CZJXXXXXX Server: ProLiant DL380 Gen9
byric, December 6, 2012
search the script for the fallowing part:

cat > $ilohwvers .

if [ "$ilohwver" == "" -o "$sernum" == "" ]; then
echo "CRITICAL - Can't get no iLO information from $iloip"
cleanexit 2

then you see if the script works with your ilo no matter what version it is.
byKajmaj, November 20, 2012
I cannot get this to work for ILO 4.
Where do you import as the review below?
To work on v4 add Line in script.

# prepare lookup file for iLO hardware versions
cat > $ilohwvers 2
i-iLO shows hw version T0