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Check MSSQL Database Mirroring

2 votes
check_dbmirroring.plmssql mirroring
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Perl script for checking database mirroring in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
This Perl script uses DBI to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server and checks the state of a mirrored database.
The script should be run on the PRINCIPAL because on the MIRROR the user needs to have SYSADMIN rights otherwise the script returns "NULL" (no data)
Reviews (2)
bysriniprog, August 28, 2016
Hi Team,

Couldn't able to complete the check..
Please refer below error and guide us to fix the same ASAP.

[root@segment-119-227 libexec]# ./check_dbmirroring.pl -H -d HRPL_MDS_DB1 -u toolsadmin -p T00l@dm1N
install_driver(Sybase) failed: Can't locate DBD/Sybase.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/nagios/libexec /usr/local/lib64/perl5 /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 .) at (eval 3) line 3.
Perhaps the DBD::Sybase perl module hasn't been fully installed,
or perhaps the capitalisation of 'Sybase' isn't right.
Available drivers: DBM, ExampleP, File, Gofer, Oracle, Proxy, SQLite, Sponge, my
at ./check_dbmirroring.pl line 52
[root@segment-119-227 libexec]#

My config on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS x86. I had to create a SQL Server authentication login.

wget "http://exchange.nagios.org/components/com_mtree/attachment.php?link_id=493&cf_id=24" -O /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_dbmirroring.pl
chmod 755 /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_dbmirroring.pl
apt-get install libdbd-sybase-perl
nano /etc/nagios3/resource.cfg
# MS SQL Server user/password

nano /etc/nagios3/commands.cfg
define command{
command_name check_dbmirroring
command_line $USER1$/check_dbmirroring.pl -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -d $ARG1$ -u $USER7$ -p $USER8$

nano /etc/nagios3/conf.d/sql4.cfg
define service {
host_name sql4
service_description ActivityLog Mirroring
check_command check_dbmirroring!ActivityLog
use generic-service