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MSSQL Server Wizard

5 votes
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
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MSSQL Server Wizard
This Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) monitoring wizard is capable of monitoring the general health of your MSSQL databases and how the MSSQL server is functioning.

Before installing this wizard please refer to the documentation here:

v1.5 - Added ability to specify instances of a MSSQL server.
This MSSQL Wizard is designed to tell you specific metrics about the MSSQL Server as a whole, including, but not limited to Cache Hit Ratios, Pages/Sec, Deadlocks/Sec.

Requires installing the pymssql package via yum:

yum install pymssql

Update: Fixed port bug. The port number got all the way to end but didn't cross the finish line! Fixed it, thanks a lot for pointing that out CBTSDon. Cheers!

The version of each Monitoring wizard could be different in different minor versions of Nagios XI. Make sure you download the correct version! Installing a wrong version of the wizard (too old or too new) can break your system!


Nagios XI 5.6.x

Nagios XI 5.5.x

Nagios XI 5.0.x

Nagios XI 2014 or older
Reviews (3)
Hi Scoot,

Im trying to monitoring deadlocks of a SQL server,

When im execute ./ -H myIP -U myuser -P mypass
the command works fine, but when Im use the --deadlock the command respond to me with this fail.. can you help me please ??

./ -H myIP -U myuser -P mypass --deadlocks --warning 20 --critical 30

the result is

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 464, in
File "./", line 430, in main
execute_query(mssql, options, host)
File "./", line 443, in execute_query
File "./", line 282, in do
File "./", line 269, in run_on_connection
self.query_result = cur.fetchone()[0]
TypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'

thanks in advance,
Just as an FYI, if you're running Ubuntu, you can get the pymssql package by installing 'python-pymssql' via apt-get

ie: apt-get install python-pymssql
byCBTSDon, August 16, 2011
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
This is a great tool to have now in nagios. Makes monitoring sql servers much easier. There is 1 bug with the -p (port) assignment that prevents it from working correctly when you have non standard ports. You can easily fix this though by going into the service details and setting the host to be host:port

for example

check_xi_mssql_database!-H "server.mydomain" -p 1550 -U nagios -P "password" -T master --logfileusage --warning 0:80 --critical 0:90

would become

check_xi_mssql_database!-H "server.mydomain:1550" -U nagios -P "password" -T master --logfileusage --warning 0:80 --critical 0:90
Owner's reply

Thanks for bringing that to my attention don!