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Category: MySQL

Nagios plugins for monitoring MySQL databases and database servers.

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This Plugin helps detect if there is a drift in the system time compared to the mysql time. Will report a CRITICAL status is the difference is more than 300 seconds. The plugin is just a bash script. USAGE box293_check_mysql_date [username] [pa ...



This Plugin checks the status of MySQL or MariaDB Database Tables. Will return a critical result if any of theses columns has a NULL value: * Engine, Version, Row_format, Rows, Avg_row_length, Data_length, Max_data_length, Index_length, Data_free, Create ...


check mysql lagtime

greps lag time from mysql for slave replication, written in a shell script, so its easily portable.

Check MySQL Processlist

Executes just one "Show processlist" query on the server. Checks process' in detail.


Check MySQL Replication Slave Status

Checks if MySQL Replication is active, checks for delay and outputs some additional info and performance data.


Check MySQL Slave

This is an update of In addition to ensuring that the slave is running, it will also record the seconds behind, and issue a WARNING when the slave is more than 10 seconds behind.


check mysql slave io running

checks to see if mysql slave io is running. written in a shell script, so its easily portable.

check mysql slave sql running

checks to see if mysql slave sql is running. written in a shell script, so its easily portable.

Check MySQL Table Status

Executes "show table status" queries for all schemas on the server. Parse the output. Gives Nagios compatible warning, critical notifications and performance data for selected values.


Check NDB Memory

Checks NDB node memory usage on all specified nodes.



Monitors for failover by connecting to a virtual ip and testing the current hostname. Run --help for usage.


This simple check is used to check the expiration date of the x509 certificates. usage: [-h] [-c CRITICAL] [-w WARNING] [-p PATH] check_ssl_certificate optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit ...



Check for new entries in an existing MySQL database in a specified time interval.


This plugin is checking timestamp of the last table update (on the slave side) and comparing it with the current system time. It is suitable for checking MASTER-SLAVE and MASTER-MASTER replication. Requirements: - latest mk-heartbeat (http://w ...


Check connection an check show status values. Some plugins for checking predefined values and one generic for checking the values given on the commandline.

Yet another plugin to check your mysql replication threads and your lag synchronisation


check_mysqld Replacement for check_mysql that allows to set thresholds for any variables in SHOW STATUS or for similar SQL queries. Data is also made available for graphing or other use (graphing templates enclosed). The plugin will determine appropriate "SHOW STATUS" ...


Checks the number of client connections currently established towards a specified MySQL database server.


Checks the number of connections to a mysql server.

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