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check_mysql_longqueries is a Nagios plugin written in Perl that monitors a MySQL database server for queries (commands, and/or threads) that run longer than the configured threshold. Long running queries are especially problematic on tables whose engines require table locks for reads and write (ie: MyISAM). This plugin was designed to alert an administrator of long queries in the case action needs to be taken.
Run check_mysql_longqueries --help for all of the available options. The options -w and -c are required, as they are the warning and critical thresholds for long running queries. The options --user and --password are not required, but will be necessary in most environments. The options --host, --port, and --socket can be used to define how the plugin connects to MySQL.

Additional options can be used to limit the scope of the check to include or exclude queries based on the database, MySQL user, or client host address.

By default, queries running as 'system user' and threads tagged with a Command of Sleep, Binlog Dump, Ping, or Processlist are excluded from the check.

This plugin requires the perl DBI module, as well as Nagios::Plugin.