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Check NDB Memory

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Checks NDB node memory usage on all specified nodes.
"ndb_mgm" is required on the server (can be downloaded and extracted from the source of mysql-cluster).

Node IDs are given as argument (--nodes) and should be comma separated. Threshold is checked against all specified nodes.

Thresholds are given as percentage used.

Example usage:
./check_ndb_mem.pl --host --nodes 2,3 --warning 70 --critical 80

Written as part of our bachelor's thesis - Monitoring is Key

-MonKey, 2013
Reviews (2)
This is a solid plugin that does what it sets out to do.

There is a little extra work in implementing the plugin. You are best off executing the plugin remotely, since it depends on ndb_mgm. I did this by using the 'check_by_ssh' plugin in conjunction with this plugin. This can also be done with NRPE.

The only issue I notice is that the memory percentages are not being displayed on on Nagios web interface like they do when running the command via the terminal.

The ndb_mgm binary location needed to be updated in the script to look at /usr/bin/mgm, as someone else pointed out.
Very simple to use.
I'm using MySQL 5.6 and needed to change the ndb_mgmd path and name to

Other than that- all worked well.