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Category: Clustering and High-Availability

Nagios plugins to monitor cluster and high-availability applications.

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Category Listings:
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Check SUN Cluster status on the current host


Check SUN Cluster node status


This script uses supervisorctl to get the status of whatever program you have set up to be controlled by supervisord. Script requires 2 parameters: --name (-n) and --count(-c) --name (-n) Is the name of the program as defined in the supervisord config ...



Check OpenStack Swift status.




Plugin for check unmounted device by server over recon swift.




Plugin for check disk usage by swift server over swift-recon.



This check is intended for admins who are using UCARP for failover situations. This plugin will check the output of the UCARP status file (this script uses /etc/ha-status.txt but can be changed by editing the script) then reports to Nagios. Useage of t ...


Check the status of Veritas Cluster Groups for Linux Script to launch without parameter. It will check all Groups status and detect failed groups. It will return a CRITICAL for FAILED, FAULTED, etc.



Nagios check_veritas_sfha.py Description: ------------ With this little Python script you have the ability to check your Veritas servicegroups and the status of your volumegroups. Please use ./check_veritas_sfha.py -h to get an overview of the needed ...



Check the status of XCAT (eXtreme Cluster Administration Tool).

check_yum.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection)


Nagios Plugin to check Yum security updates on RHEL5/6/7 based servers



Simples script to check if there are pending security update for linux RedHat Based. requires yum-security


check_zookeeper.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection)


ZooKeeper Checks: 1. ruok - checks to see if ZooKeeper reports itself as ok 2. isro - checks to see if ZooKeeper is still writable 3. mode - checks to see if ZooKeeper is in the proper mode (leader/follower) vs standalone 4. avg latency - the averag ...

check_zookeeper_znode.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Colle...


Flexible ZooKeeper znode check, useful for HBase, SolrCloud, Hadoop NameNode HA & JobTracker HA ZKFC or any other ZooKeeper based service. Checks: 1. root znode ("/") exists ( we are successfully connected to ZooKeeper(s), tries all given ZooKeepers ...

HAProxy check


check_haproxy.rb checks haproxy stats and reports errors if any of the servers for a proxy are down. Written in Ruby and only requires Ruby. We run Nagios 3.x, and I haven't tested with any other versions. Updated version now works with ruby 1.8+ ...


ldirectord Service Check

Bash script to check the state of services being made available by ldirectord

nrpe plugin: check_lsf_host.sh

nrpe plugin: check_lsf_host.sh Plugin for nagios nrpe to report on local host lsf status and performance data. Uses bhosts and lsload lsf commands. Performance data tested with pnp4nagios, which produces a time graph for each metrix in the lsloads listing. Why is this run on the loc ...


nrpe plugin: check_lsf_master

nrpe plugin: check_lsf_master A nrpe check script to run on the LSF master host.




pve-monitor pve-monitor is a plugin to monitor Proxmox clusters. It gives the status summary of openvz and qemus vms, storages and nodes.


Red Hat Cluster Check through SNMP


This script will be able monitor your RedHat cluster with out using ssh and clustat or cman_tool. This script will solely use snmp with python. The packages needed are explain on this link... http://www.linuxdynasty.org/howto-monitor-redhat-cluster-using- ...

Red Hat Cluster Suite Check

A python script to check the status of a RH cluster and a named service.

RedHat RHES Cluster Check


Check the status of an RHES Cluster by snmp. This check is deprecated by check_rhcsnmp and check_clustat from monitoringplug.

Server 2012 Failover Cluster node & resource checks (Po...

You'll need a proxy host to run your Powershell commands (or they can be run directly from the server(s)). More info here: http://www.nsclient.org/nscp/discussion/topic/637 You'll also need the FailoverClusters PS Module installed. Each script just ...

Server 2012 R2 Failover Clustering check script


This script will check for the Cluster Service, and if found will check all cluster nodes, and cluster services for state.

Snmp Heartbeat check


This script check the number of active heartbeats on a cluster environment.

Starwind VSAN Health

Starwind VSAN Health Check summary health status of Starwind iSCSI VSAN device via PHP.



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