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Red Hat Cluster Check through SNMP

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This script will be able monitor your RedHat cluster with out using ssh and clustat or cman_tool. This script will solely use snmp with python. The packages needed are explain on this link... http://www.linuxdynasty.org/howto-monitor-redhat-cluster-using-snmp-and-python.html You can also download rh_cluster_check.py from the above link..

python rh_cluster_check.py -d gfs1 -c public -t node -n gfs3 OK, gfs3 is Participating in cluster python

rh_cluster_check.py -d gfs1 -c public -t service -s CIM OK, CIM is running on gfs1

python rh_cluster_check.py -d gfs2 -c public -t cluster WARNING, MyCluster is Quorate and Some services not running

python rh_cluster_check.py -d gfs1 -c public -t service -s Pirahna CRITICAL, Pirahna is stopped