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Red Hat Cluster Suite Check

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A python script to check the status of a RH cluster and a named service.
This is the base of a script I threw together to check the status of a RH cluster using the XML output from clustat.

It currently support two options:
-s, --service=serviceName
-c, --cluster

To check the overall status of the cluster use the "-c" option which currently checks that cluster status is "Quorate" and also checks the local status of the node as well as checking if rgmanager is running.

To check the state of a service use the "-s serviceName" option. This will check that the service is in a "started" state on any node. Don't use the long name displayed by clustat (ex: service:NFS) instead use the short name (ex: NFS).

Please feel free to update - this is my first python script... so I'm sure it's very rough around the edges.
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byvrelease, February 19, 2013
Instead of using gethostname():

hostname = socket.gethostname()

to identify a local node and check its status
if node.attributes['name'].value == hostname:

is better use directly:
if node.attributes['local'].value == "1":