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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Nagios check scripts to monitor your cloudstack
Nagios-CloudStack === Nagios check scripts to monitor your cloudstack

sample output service state information on nagios :

Current Status: WARNING (for 0d 0h 15m 58s)
Status Information: WARNING !!
WARNING: Virtual Network Public IP used = 65%
OK: Memory used = 39.89%
OK: Storage Allocated used = 8.83%
OK: Secondary Storage used = 24.95%
OK: Storage used = 24.95%
OK: Direct Attached Public IP used = 0%
OK: VLAN used = 30%
OK: Private IP used = 10%
OK: CPU used = 17.62%


#zone capacity :
./check_cloudstack.pl capacity -z 69c2e118-cf8b-4594-xxx -f etc/nagios-cloudstack.conf -c 85 -w 70

#check all vm belong to an account
./check_cloudstack.pl vm -f etc/nagios-cloudstack.conf -a a9ee78f9-b156-483f-9db7-8deb0b71bfb8

CRITICAL: one/more vm is not running !
CRITICAL : vmname TPCN02 status is Stopped
CRITICAL : vmname CN01 status is Stopped
CRITICAL : vmname 03592f87-cc43-44ba-b302-42bb7ab55113 status is Stopped
CRITICAL : vmname TPHN status is Stopped

#check vm state by vm uuid
./check_cloudstack.pl vm -i cdcfa32b-8586-4abc-a7e2-e40830b28267 -f ~/temp/nagios-cloudstack.conf

OK : vmid cdcfa32b-8586-4abc-a7e2-e40830b28267 is Running


#cpan Config::General App::Cmd Mouse XML::LibXML URI::Encode WWW::Mechanize Digest::SHA File::Basename MIME::Base64 Encode Log::Log4perl
#cp -vr [source_dir] /opt/nagios-cloudstack
#chown -R nagios.nagios /opt/nagios-cloudstack
#modify 'use lib' on check_cloudstack.pl to /opt/nagios-cloudstack/lib
#ln -s /opt/nagios-cloudstack/etc/nagios-cloudstack.conf /etc/
#ln -s /opt/nagios-cloudstack/check_cloudstack.pl /usr/local/nagios/libexec/
#set your setting (apikey,url,secretkey) on /etc/nagios-cloudstack.conf

script usage:
/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_cloudstack.pl capacity -z [zone id] -w [warning percentage] -c [critical percentage]

sample setting on nagios service definition on server using nrpe:
define service{
use generic-service
hostgroup_name cloudstack
service_description public zone capacity
check_command check_nrpe!check_cloudstack_capacity

nrpe.cfg on client :
command[check_cloudstack_capacity]=/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_cloudstack.pl capacity -z 69c2e118-cf8b-4594-9d23-02b144f4b2fa -w 60 -c 80