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AWS Cloudwatch Metrics

2 votes
Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios XI
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Nagios plugin to connect to your Amazon account and fetch details from Cloudwatch Metrics.
Nagios Cloudwatch Metrics plugin

This plugin allows you to check certain AWS Cloudwatch metrics and set alerts on predefined values.

The script is written in bash. It is tested on OSX and Ubuntu 16.04.

This plugin fetches the data from X minutes back until now.

It also has an option to walk back to the last known value of cloudwatch, as it is not always contains the most recent data.

To run this script you should have installed the following packages:

jq - json processor
awscli - AWS command line interface
bc - used for working with floating point numbers
timeout or gtimeout - Used for timeout support

We assume that the user who execute this script has configured his account so that he/she can connect to Amazon.

For the full documentation and installation details, see https://github.com/level23/nagios-cloudwatch-metrics
Reviews (2)
I have result OK
CRITICAL - Name=DBInstanceIdentifier,Value=opcsprod-col CPUUtilization (5 min Maximum): 96.005133162 Percent - VALUE is wrong. It SHOULD BE inside the range {0 ... 90} | perf=96.005133162Percent;80;90;0.000000

OK - Name=DBInstanceIdentifier,Value=opcsprod-col CPUUtilization (5 min Maximum): 76.158333333 Percent - VALUE is ok. It is inside the range {0 ... 80} | perf=76.158333333Percent;80;90;0.000000

But, in nagios console show 0%

Please help
bymayurkadam24, August 31, 2017
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Hi ,
In case the CloudWatch Metrics need to be accessed via a proxy from NAGIOS, what changes do we need to do in the plugin / script ?

Please help.
Owner's reply

Hi mayurkadam24, we have made a change (since version 2.1.2) which now allows you to supply a http(s) proxy. I hope this solves your problem.