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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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Scaleway Managed Database for PostgreSQL and MySQL

This is a Nagios check that use Scaleway's REST API to check if the bdd is up and get metric https://www.scaleway.com/en/developers/api/managed-database-postgre-mysql/

This script uses theses libs : REST::Client, Data::Dumper, Monitoring::Plugin, JSON, Readonly

to install them type :

sudo cpan REST::Client Data::Dumper Monitoring::Plugin JSON Readonly

Use case

check_scaleway_bdd.pl 1.1.2

This nagios plugin is free software, and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU
General Public Licence (see http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.txt).

check_scaleway_bdd.pl is a Nagios check that use Scaleway s REST API to get bdd metrics and status

Usage: check_scaleway_bdd.pl -T -r -N | -i [-m ] | -L | -b -d ] [-w -c ]

-?, --usage
Print usage information
-h, --help
Print detailed help screen
-V, --version
Print version information
Read options from an ini file. See https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/doc/extra-opts.html
for usage and examples.
-T, --Token=STRING
Token for api authentication
-N, --name=STRING
instance name
-i, --id=STRING
instance id
-a, --apiversion=string
Scaleway API version
-w, --warning=threshold
See https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/doc/guidelines.html#THRESHOLDFORMAT for the threshold format.
-c, --critical=threshold
See https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/doc/guidelines.html#THRESHOLDFORMAT for the threshold format.
-L, --listInstance
Autodiscover instance
-r, --region=STRING
Scaleway region
-m, --metric=STRING
bdd metrics : disk_usage_percent | total_connections | mem_usage_percent | cpu_usage_percent | total_connections_percent
-b, --backup
check backup status and age
-d, --dbname=STRING
db name for backup check
-t, --timeout=INTEGER
Seconds before plugin times out (default: 30)
-v, --verbose
Show details for command-line debugging (can repeat up to 3 times)

sample :

#list all database
./check_scaleway_bdd.pl -T -r fr-par -L
#BDD state
./check_scaleway_bdd.pl -T -r fr-par -N MyDatabaseName
#get a metric
./check_scaleway_bdd.pl -T -r fr-par -N MyDatabaseName -m disk_usage_percent
./check_scaleway_bdd.pl -T -r fr-par -i MyDBUID -r fr-par -m disk_usage_percent
#check backup
./check_scaleway_bdd.pl -T -r fr-par -i MyDBUID -r fr-par --backup --dbname=xxx

you may get :

#list all database

#BDD state
OK - instance status ready engine MySQL-8 name MyDatabaseName id = MyDBUID
#get a metric
OK - disk_usage_percent value 8.748 | disk_usage_percent_MyDBUID=8.748%;;
#check backup
OK - backup instance_id = MyDBUID database_name xxx is 3.486h old