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check website access

This plugin check the http returned code and the access time of a website. -- Update : add a control line to check if you have curl --

check apache website

This plugin checks the amount of access to your server since the past X minutes activity using apache log file. This plugin is able to select website or Ip source to check/ignore Here is the different options -i, --delay=STRING how many access ...


simultaned connection

This plugin checks the simultaned connection to your host of a user -u, --user=STRING user to check -w, --warning=STRING Warning threshold -c, --critical=STRING


check processes combined

This plugin check cpu / ram or both for one or more process for all,one or few user. The data is put on graphs Usage: check_process -C -p [-w ] [-c ] [-n nickname] ] [-u ] [-o ]


check connections

It's an update version of the check_connections.pl plugin from sjorge i found here. I've change the command from netstat to ss. If you don't add "-l 1" the local connection won't be count.