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Category: Processes

Nagios plugins for monitoring system processes, services, and applications (at an abstract level).

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Category Listings:
There are 32 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Check Automatic Services for Windows (Advanced Nagios P...

Checks all automatic Windows services are running. Accepts exclusions. Written Natively to work on any modern Windows system and can be used with any standard Nagios remote execution method.

Check long running processes

A plugin to check long running processes on Linux. IMPORTANT: This script checks elapsed CPU time not elapsed run time.


Check multiple Windows Processes

Perl script based on snmpwalk in order to check one or more running processes on a windows machine.

Check multiple Windows Processes v2

New version of the plugin "Check multiple Windows Processes" to be able to check several instances of the same process in the windows computer.

Check Number Processes of Windows Servers - SNMP

Plugin in Shell Script to check via SNMP the number of processes of Windows Servers. Use the MIB HOST-RESOURCES-MIB:: hrSystemProcesses.0

Check Process Resources

Check Process Resources This check can be used to monitor processes either on the Nagios server or on other Linux machines when used in conjunction with check_by_ssh.


check processes combined

This plugin check cpu / ram or both for one or more process for all,one or few user. The data is put on graphs Usage: check_process -C -p [-w ] [-c ] [-n nickname] ] [-u ] [-o ]


Check Service by WMI

Check Windows Name Service by Perl WMI

Check Unix Process

This Unix perl script checks if a process is running and its CPU, Memory, RSS or VSZ (or all of the above) if selects processes and their children and aggregates the data. It can find the process by name, arguments or by reading a .pid file. The script su ...


Check windows process

windows process

Check Windows Process (WMI)

This Unix perl script checks a if remote windows process is running and its CPU, Memory usage, Threads and file handles, and disk IO (or all of the above) if selects processes by name. The script requires wmic which is included in check_wmi_plus or ca ...


check windows services

Check windows services by snmp

Check Windows Stale Process

This is a python script using psutil library to check if a process is running for longer then X hours, if so It wil ltry to kill them.



check_longrunning_proc is a Nagios plugin to check a specific process via /proc/PID/stat and report how long it has been running. You must provide a complete string for the process or a PID file to be checked as well as the warning and critical time const ...



Check multiple process with check_procs plugin nagios


check_osx_services uses the serveradmin command built in to OS X Server to check to see if various services are running and (optionally) to set warning and critical thresholds.


A plugin for nagios to check percent of CPU use of processes during a given interval.

check_process_running (Anthony Affee)

Simple Bash Shell Script that is used to check if a process is running Tested on: Nagios 3.x CentOS 5.x



Linux only open filehandle check



Wrapper for check_procs that provides perfdata.


check_proc_mem A Simple Windows Plugin to display the Total Process Memory consumed by a single/multiple processors. It also displays valuable performance data.



Nagios Monitor thread count of a given program Check more: sh-compliant script to check a specific process and its cpu/memory utilization (PNP Template included)

sh-compliant script to check a specific process and its cpu/memory utilization (PNP Template included)


This plugin is used with the Open Source Job Scheduler to check the execution results of jobs and to report the respective status messages. The Job Scheduler runs executable files, shell scripts, java classes and database procedures.


Nagios plugin to monitor schedulers (like crontabs, ...), C source, GPL


Use NC_Net/check_nt to check all Automatic Windows services First use ENUMSERVICE to get a list of services set for Automatic startup, then check them with SERVICESTATE to see if any service is down.


Check process (and show memory usage) from Windows by SNMP


Check Process ( exe file ) active and check memory used

Monitor Out-Of-Memory Errors In Your Servers

Monitor Out-Of-Memory Errors In Your Servers Check more:


Proclog Proclog - A Nagios/Linux script to see the running process such Nagios....and so on.... Keep it simple !