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Oracle Tablespace Wizard


Oracle Tablespace Wizard This wizard is made to streamline the monitoring of your Oracle tablesspaces.

Utilizing A RAM Disk In NagiosXI


This document is a how-to on setting up a RAM disk to ease the I/O time on often access Nagios files.

Linux SNMP Wizard


Linux SNMP Wizard This is a wizard that streamlines SNMP setup with Linux machines, or any machine that uses the Net-SNMP package.

MSSQL Query Wizard


MSSQL Query Wizard This Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) monitoring wizard is designed to monitor the results of SQL queries that you define.

MSSQL Server Wizard


MSSQL Server Wizard This Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) monitoring wizard is capable of monitoring the general health of your MSSQL databases and how the MSSQL server is functioning. Before installing this wizard please refer to the documentation here: https://exchange.n ...

MSSQL Database Wizard


MSSQL Database Wizard This Microsoft SQL server (MSSQL) database monitoring wizard is designed to monitor individual individual MSSQL databases. It is capable of monitoring metrics such Buffer Hit Ratio and general log metrics.

Oracle Server Wizard


Oracle Server Wizard Wizard for streamlining the monitoring of Oracle Servers that is designed to be used in conjunction with Nagios XI.

Oracle Plugin Install


This document describes how to install Oracle plugins in Nagios XI and how to configure your environment to utilize the Oracle plugins to monitor Oracle databases with Nagios XI. This document is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators who wish to ...

Watchguard Wizard


This Watchguard wizard allows quick and easy access to monitoring your Watchguard device. It allows for monitoring several metrics that include: CPU Usage, Active Connections and Interface Bandwidth.

Check MSSQL Database Stats


One of two check plugins written in Python exclusively for MSSQL. Works with SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008. Designed for easy installation and easy upgradability.


Check MSSQL Server Centric Status


MSSQL plugin that is geared more towards towards general health of the MSSQL databases as a whole.