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Nagios Mobile Featured

22 votes
Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios XI
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Nagios Mobile is a lightweight web interface, based on the Teeny Nagios project by Hirose Masaaki. Nagios Mobile is a PHP web-based application designed for Mobile and touch-screen devices.

Key Features:
- User-level authorization for hosts, services, and commands that match Nagios Core.
- Filtered lists to quickly identify and respond to unhandled problems
- Acknowledge problems, Disable/Enable Notifications, or Schedule Downtime for authorized hosts and services
- Works with any Nagios 3.x installation
- Support for APC data caching for faster page loads
- Support for both webkit and non-webkit enabled devices
See The Installation Instructions to install Nagios Mobile in Nagios Core or Nagios XI older than 2012RC.
Installing Nagios Mobile

IMPORTANT: If you are running Nagios XI 2012RC2 or newer, you should not try to install Nagios Mobile manually, as it is already included in XI. You can access the Nagios Mobile interface by typing the following address in a browser:


Please use the forum below to discuss issues with Nagios Mobile.
Nagios Mobile Forum


1.03 April 10 2013
- Fixed permissions bug where host escalations were not properly authorizing their contacts

- Updated code attribution and Apache license info for Teeny Nagios project

- Small bug fixes
- Bug fixes for authorization functions - Marc Chadwick
Reviews (15)
bycomputerguy7, March 9, 2020
this works pretty well, but some additional features would be nice like the graph for each service.
Very good work. It's a very nice application.

I develope multilanguage functionality for English, Spanish and Catalan languages. If Nagios Mobile team think that is interesting add this to your product to share with the community, please contact to me by e-mail.

byremoangeloni, October 13, 2014

i have simple question, is it possible to add the alias field or IP address into host "info rmation" button.

This fields can be useful to have deeper details on the host that you check
byShade0, October 5, 2014
Very easy to install and looks great.


Good work!
Usefull since uNagi (for Android) doesn't work anymore on Android 4.2 :(

I've attached you a link to a patch for displaying PNP4Nagios graphs on host or service details.
Maybe you can include it?!
Works for me on Debian7.

Link (https certificate is signed by

> cd nagiosmobile/
> patch -p1
byKoobal, June 11, 2013
Very nice product for quick checks on NagiosXI.
I have one question, is it possible to disconnect from the web site when we are identified ?
byshockwavecs, May 23, 2013
Works really well without much effort. Install script is very nice.

If anything would change, I'd consider simple sed commands to input the users appropriate variables for command, status, CGI, and objects. Maybe a prompt after it finishes the install script that says "hey, we've found these 4 variables, would you like to append these values to your nagiosgraph config file"

This is, of course, a very low priority type of change. Thanks again!
bycverbiest, April 15, 2013
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
I was looking for a small status display to show on our Sharepoint based intranet.
This works fine inside a Sharepoint page viewer webpart even though it was not the original intended use.
It would be nicer still if the links could be configured. Now you have a link to /nagiosxi and one to /nagios and I think you need only one, either to xi or to core.
byJohnO, December 23, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I'm a new Nagios user, and while the standard UI works fine on an iPhone, there is a fair bit of pinching and zooming going on. This UI is perfect for the quick look, and I know I can still pop over to the full UI if needed. Nice looking, and easy to install.
byEvermin, November 7, 2012
8 of 8 people found this review helpful
This one is the best GUI i have seen.. so good that we use it on a 32" screen..

for us to use this more nicely we will put a touch screen there instead and the only think i miss in the gui then is to see the IP of the host..

is it possible to fetch IP adress from nagioscore?
and then type it between Host and Uptime?

byGldRush98, June 8, 2012
7 of 7 people found this review helpful
I wish I had found this before messing with hacking in Auth to Teeny Nagios.
Works great, and was very easy to install. Great addon! Thanks.
bysvindler, January 19, 2012
12 of 12 people found this review helpful
Easy install on our Nagios Core 3.2.0. Had to make a few adjustments because we authenticate toward AD, but it was very simple.

It's slow compared to the native web interface, both on IE, Chrome, iPhone, and iPad.

"Unhandled services" is a bit different than on the standard web interface, as the services on a host that is Down will appear under "Unhandled services"
byswordfish, January 10, 2012
6 of 6 people found this review helpful
Hello, we are running: Nagios 3.0.6 RHEL 5.7 x64
I followed the install PDF, and updated the paths.
Ran the install.php. All is ok from the install point of view. The webserver authenticates me (checked httpd log) and I can see the nagios.png if I refer to it in the url.
I have double checked the paths and the file are correct, but when browsing to /nagiosmobile, I get a blank page, is there any way to enable a debug mode?
Owner's reply

The error messages should output in your apache log: /var/log/httpd/error_log. Go ahead and post what you're seeing to the Nagios Mobile Forum which is linked above.

byrdommerh, January 9, 2012
6 of 6 people found this review helpful
Working with Nagios Core. Works good, only on my blackberry i got no colored screen as in the screen print. Easy installation
Owner's reply

This might be fixed already in 1.02. There was some debug output that might have been breaking the stylesheet. Go ahead and post to the Nagios Mobile Forum if the issue persists after update.

byviper95, January 9, 2012
6 of 6 people found this review helpful
Looks and works great from PC,
when logging in via Safari on Mac, iPad or iPhone it wont authenticate? Help please
Owner's reply

I did some digging on this, and it looks like Apple's Safari browser doesn't handle http basic-auth especially well compared to other browsers. Here's what I found:

I'll do some looking and see if there's some sort of setting that needs to be changed for it to work properly. If you find a solution, go ahead and post it.