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byshockwavecs, April 9, 2015
Thanks for making this Mac app. I think nagstamon is missing the ability to embed in the tray. It's also unstable in this version. yours works great!
byshockwavecs, May 23, 2013
Nagios Mobile
Works really well without much effort. Install script is very nice.

If anything would change, I'd consider simple sed commands to input the users appropriate variables for command, status, CGI, and objects. Maybe a prompt after it finishes the install script that says "hey, we've found these 4 variables, would you like to append these values to your nagiosgraph config file"

This is, of course, a very low priority type of change. Thanks again!
byshockwavecs, March 19, 2013
thanks for the plugin. I'm tryingto use this with postgres. I installed perl-DBD-Pg.x86_64 package and changed the dsn to be Pg. It complains about bad password. There is currently no password as configured by bacula itself. Any idea how to circumvent this? the postgres -w command is used for no password. I'm just unsure how this translates to being fired off from the perl script.

Any help would be excellent!
Owner's reply

Sorry, I've not used it with Postgres, so I can't advise you on that.

byshockwavecs, March 11, 2013
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First off, thank you for your work on the plugin. Works well as root, etc.

I perform the following and it will not work, unless supplying root password or making nagios user an Administrator:
0 - Run plugin with root credentials and works 100%
1 - Create nagios role
2 - Add CIM access to role
3 - Create nagios user
4 - Assign user to role
5 - Run plugin and receive " : Authentication Error! - Server:"
6 - Edit role and select the "Check All" box enabling this nagios user full permissions
7 - Run plugin and receive " : Authentication Error! - Server:"

So at this point a new user with full control cannot access the CIM information at all.

8 - Change Nagios user to "Administrator" role
9 - Completes check 100%

This will allow me to not supply root password for this system as it is a central root password. But the full on access is still scary. Am I doing something wrong? I must be because other people are doing fine. Please correct me :)

PS: ESXi 5.1 with most recent patches applied.
Owner's reply

It is actually mandatory to grant the "Administrator" role. This is because of the implementation design of CIM in ESXi. Please see http://www.claudiokuenzler.com/blog/114/check-esxi-wbem-esxi-4.1-user-authorization for more information (also look at the comments).