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bycverbiest, April 15, 2013
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Nagios Mobile
I was looking for a small status display to show on our Sharepoint based intranet.
This works fine inside a Sharepoint page viewer webpart even though it was not the original intended use.
It would be nicer still if the links could be configured. Now you have a link to /nagiosxi and one to /nagios and I think you need only one, either to xi or to core.
bycverbiest, July 14, 2011
It works but I needed to make some enhancements.
Not sure how updates on NagiosExchange works so I'll mention them here.

Removed dependacy on /usr/bin/basename


Replaced -ge by -gt to allow warning/error for 0 files on directories that should be empty.
bycverbiest, July 12, 2011
I downloaded this and made some enhancements/fixes to it.
I did not find any update mechanism on NagiosExchange other than claiming and then changing the plugin.
I'll post my enhancement as a new plugin.
bycverbiest, January 11, 2011
14 of 15 people found this review helpful
Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI)
Easy to install. Easy to configure. Nice overview.
Disable iexplore compatibility mode or use Firefox or Chrome

One drawback I found is that failure of a non essential service causes a critical state for the group if it is the only non essential service. I would prefer if failure of non essential services would cause a warning state.