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Category: Components

Components for extending the functionality and capabilities of Nagios XI.


For more information on Nagios XI, visit http://www.nagios.com/products/nagiosxi

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Ping Action


Ping Action This component adds an action to host and service detail screens that allows you to quickly ping the host or device. Useful for troubleshooting network connectivity.

Plugin Tool

Plugin Tool This Component allows you to test Plugins and Commands. When you upload a plugin to your Nagios XI server you will usually want to test it first. This involves establishing an SSH session to the Nagios XI server and then typing some command line (CLI) ...


SmokePing Viewer

SmokePing Viewer Use this component to view SmokePing data from within Nagios.




SMSapi Provides Nagios XI alert notification integration with SMS API gateway services.


SNMP Trap Translation Adjustment Web Page

SNMP Trap Translation Adjustment Web Page This component adds a page to allow an administrator to edit the Severity and/or Text for each defined type of SNMP Trap. (It updates the configuration stored in file /etc/snmp/snmptt.conf.)

TAP Gateway


TAP Gateway TAP Gateway interfaces Nagios XI to a Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) provider for critical, out-of-band, network alerts.


Traceroute Action


Traceroute Action This component adds an action to host and service detail screens that allows you to quickly perform a traceroute to a host or device. Useful for troubleshooting network connectivity.

View Object Configuration

Adds a new tabs on host and service detail screens to view object configuration in Nagios XI.


VMware vMA Settings Manager


The VMware vMA Settings Manager is a component that is required for the VMware Virtualization Wizard. Instructions for the VMware vMA Settings Manager are included with the VMware Virtualization Wizard technical documentation.

XI Business Process Addons


XI Business Process Addons This component brings the Business Process Addons feature into the XI interface. This component DOES NOT contain the Business Process Addons, the installation instructions for that can be found at the following location and should be executed before inst ...

xMatters Integration


This integration allows xMatters users to integrate with Nagios Core and XI to allow for the initiation of communication events triggered by an email alert. Version 2 has been updated to use the xMatters On-Demand REST API, removing any dependencies o ...

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