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Category: APIs

APIs for Nagios.

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Ajax CGI

This script will parse the Nagios status cache file and return the requested data as Nagios Config, XML or JSON encoded data via HTTP or STDOUT.


Nagira - Nagios RESTful API

Nagira is Ruby/Sinatra light-weight web services API for accessing and operating data of Nagios hosts and services, accessing Nagios configuration. Nagira is packaged as Ruby gems which provides easy installation and configuration.



Nagrestconf Nagrestconf is a mature and well maintained REST interface and configuration GUI for Nagios. Easy to install with docker. Easy querying and modification from the command line using Nrcq.


owncloud quota monitoring

This plugins consists of 2 parts. A PHP file that needs to be put on the owncloud server and a script you need to run on your nagios box. the howto is included in the fileset



RESTlos (german for completely, totally) is a generic Nagios api. Generic means, it can be used with every core that understands the nagios configuration syntax (for example Nagios XI, NRDP2, etc). It provides a RESTful api for generating any standard nag ...