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Category: Perl

Perl APIs for Nagios.

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Category Listings:
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ASNMTAP CPAN Module for Nagios

ASNMTAP::Asnmtap::Plugin::Nagios provides a nice object oriented interface for building Nagios ( compatible plugins.

GroundWork Foundation

GroundWork Foundation is a data abstraction and integration layer for Nagios. It has PHP, Perl and Java API's for querying data. Uses a feeder-listener architecture that is easily extended to integrate with any application that sends data over a network.


A family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins


Nagios::Status Perl API suite to integrate Nagios 3.0 hoststatus and servicestatus data into external applications such as intranets, etc.


Have you ever wanted to interface with Nagios' real-time data and place it in an external application such as an intranet, etc? Integrate real-time Nagios host and service data today! Some Perl knowledge required.

NagiosStatus is a Perl Module, which examines WARNINGS and CRITICALS from a Nagios system. It can be used to create simple Webpages for your own purposes, which show those two alert types. Nagios itself doesn't support this. This Module parses the status. ...


NSCA Perl Distributed

Perl implementation of NSCA protocol, plus path tracing. Includes a Net::NSCA Perl library.

Perl Modules

Various Perl modules that are intended to work with Nagios.