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Category: XML

XML APIs and addons for Nagios.

Nagios Log Server

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Nagira - Nagios RESTful API

Nagira is Ruby/Sinatra light-weight web services API for accessing and operating data of Nagios hosts and services, accessing Nagios configuration. Nagira is packaged as Ruby gems which provides easy installation and configuration.


NXE - Nagios XML Engine

NXE - Nagios XML Engine The Nagios XML Engine (NXE for short) is an Open Source XML processing layer for the Nagios scheduling & monitoring platform. NXE provides an XML interface for the most critical aspects of managing and reporting on your Nagios infrastructure via XML.

Status XML Generator

statusXML.php is a simple PHP script that parses a local status.dat file and generates a simple XML description of the status of all hosts and services.


XML SOAP service checking

This is an easy way to check SOAP XML calls. Nifty and straightforward. See link for the full code.