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Category: JSON

JSON APIs for Nagios.

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Category Listings:
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check_remote_site This check greps info from a remote Nagios installation using JSON queries.

A Plugin to read files from Unit4 API, tested it on Unit4 SPE6: http://servername:port/prod/rest/api/v1/02/salesOrders?filter= This module let you split te lines with a split character and count keywords and add up amounts (In cents) It is fully written ...


RESTful nodejs service for reading nagios status and output in json format. (Docker image available) See full description at,



Nagios2JSON is a Nagios enhancement that allows you to send status of hosts and services, etc. using JSON format.


Nagios Status.dat to JSON/JSONP/Console.


Nagira - Nagios RESTful API

Nagira is Ruby/Sinatra light-weight web services API for accessing and operating data of Nagios hosts and services, accessing Nagios configuration. Nagira is packaged as Ruby gems which provides easy installation and configuration.



Event broker and utilities for using Nagios Core over a ZeroMQ enterprise message bus.


Status JSON Generator

Status JSON Generator Script to parse Nagios status.dat and present it as JSON, to allow inclusion of status info in a web page served from a separate machine.



status-json duplicates the output of status.cgi in JSON format to make it easier for other applications/services to use Nagios data. To compile: 1. Copy status-json.c into $NAGIOS_DIR/cgi/ 2. cd $NAGIOS_DIR/cgi/ 3. Execute the command below to compi ...


traccar check online

traccar check online Traccar device online check via RestAPi