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owncloud quota monitoring

Current Version
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
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This plugins consists of 2 parts.
A PHP file that needs to be put on the owncloud server
and a script you need to run on your nagios box.
the howto is included in the fileset

Nagios monitoring of owncloud on linux

This plugin was written to monitor statistics from Owncloud in nagios. first-release: - Quota limit / user and space utilisation

UPDATE 19-5-2020

Added a file that makes it possible to use mysql only, so it no longer needs du (works better on slow storage)


Copy the du.php or the du-mysql.php somewhere on your owncloud server
edit crontab as user www-data or low-access user, and add " * /15 * * * * php -f /path/to/du.php >/tmp/quota" OR " * /15 * * * * php -f /path/to/du-mysql.php >/tmp/quota"
on nagios, edit crontab as user nagios, (USE SSH KEYS for access and add " * /15 * * * * scp root@owncloud:/tmp/quota /tmp/quota-owncloud"
copy the file check_owncloud_quota to your /libexec dir (where all your other scripts for nagios probably reside).
edit /etc/objects/commands.cfg and add the commands specified in the provided commands.cfg
edit /etc/objects/owncloud-server-file.cfg and add a definition for each user, as illustrated in the provided user.cfg
this may also be scripted with a bash-for loop (as i have done considering the many users i have on owncloud)

(Updated for owncloud server v 10)