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check_hadoop_metrics.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collec...


Checks metrics from a given Hadoop daemon's JMX /metrics page, supports JobTracker, TaskTracker, HBase Master & RegionServer



* Software requirements cassandra(using nodetool) * overview - verify that the number of live nodes which belong to Multi Cluster is less than the specified number. - it is enable to specify the threshold with "-w " and "-c " option. - fetch the nu ...


Check Weblogic Instance Health


This project is not in active development. Please feel free to contact with questions. Checks the health of a Weblogic instance using jmx and wlst. This was developed and tested with Weblogic version 12C. Please feel free to contact me with support ...


Check JMX plus XPATH


Unlike Other Weblogic Plugins, this one can monitor/compare many different Values in the Weblogic JMX MBeans. It would be fairly simple to expand this to jboss or other JMX compatible servers with a tweak. I have not gotten to this point yet.


Cassandra number of read and write operations in a give...


This Plug-in monitors Cassandra number of read and write operations in a given time period, i.e. Read operations per second / write Operations per second. it fetches WriteOperations or ReadOperations from Nagios JMX plugin and stores the values with ti ...




Buzz is a monitoring framework for the JBoss Application Server (and basic support for a JBoss ESB, running in a JBoss AS). It started of as a Munin plugin, but has evolved into supporting several other protocols like NRPE (Nagios, Nagios XI), mail, log4j ...

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