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Check JMX plus XPATH

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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Unlike Other Weblogic Plugins, this one can monitor/compare many different Values in the Weblogic JMX MBeans. It would be fairly simple to expand this to jboss or other JMX compatible servers with a tweak. I have not gotten to this point yet.
I have developed this project because most Nagios Plugins only query 1 Attribute of mbean that puts a big load on the operating system for a large amount of JVM's. I believe this to be the most efficient way of monitoring Java, short of creating an Agent or a Query Collection Server.

I have limited the JMX Probe to a select list of important MBeans which I thought important for testing. I will probably expand it as move it in to production.

This project requires, Perl, JAVA, the Weblogic.jar file from your weblogic server and 3 files in this project check_weblogic - (Perl) (JAVA)
Check_weblgic.cfg (XPATH Query to monitor)

Please feel free to contact me, with questions.

Oh BTW, this plugin should be able to quickly expand to JBOSS or any other JMX compliant server. and I will be looking at doing that in 2012 when I have a chance. If you interested in providing code updates I welcome the help.