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Category: Windows NRPE

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Category Listings:
There are 95 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

autoIT Program Timer Plugin

A modification of the autoIT Timer Plugin that is designed to check the load time of a specific program in Windows.


Basic NRPE_NT Plugins

The plugins are DOS programs written in C/C++ The nrpe_nt service calls these plug-ins and they return the following status on exit with a status string for information printed to stdout.

Check Active Directory Accounts

Check for Active Directory Accounts using powershell through NRPE / nsclient++: -Account Disabled -Account Expired -Account Expiring -Account Inactive -Locked Out -Password Expired -Password Never Expires Provide performance data to have graph ...


Check All Logical Disks

Enumerates all local partitions and checks warning and critical levels.

Check Counter

Plugin returns the value of a requested perfmon counter.

Check CPUTime

Chkwin_cputime is a plugin for nrpe_nt that returns the used CPU time in %.

Check Disk

Check_disk is a plugin that will return the Total, Free and Used space in MB/GB And % of a given drive.

Check DiskTime

This plugin will return the disk use Time in %.

Check Dummy

Check_dummy is a plugin that will simply return the state corresponding to the numeric value of the state argument.

Check Eventlog 1

Plugin checks Windows Eventlogs for Entries of a given type.

Check Eventlog 2

It will check every Eventlog-Event that is generated on the system.

Check File Age

Check_fileage.vbs is plugin for nagios that uses NRPE_NT and works for Microsoft machines. I tried to make it as flexible as posible, allowing nagios to pass simple but helpfull arguments. I use it to find out for example what was the last antivirus defin ...

Check File Size

Usage: check_filesize -p "path" -f "file(s)" -w -c

Check Fileage

check_fileage is a plugin to check if a file has changed.

Check Filecount

This plugin will count the number of files that are in a particular directory path, and then return OK, WARNING, or CRITICAL depending on the values that you set for the allowable number of files.

Check Filesize

check_filesize is a plugin to check the size of a given file.

Check for Windows Updates

A simple check to see if there are windows updates pending on the checked machine.

Check free disk space

Check free space on windows partitions. It tries to resemble as much as possible with check_disk from the Official Nagios Plugin package. ** Modified Barry W. Alder 2013/09/24 changed code so that an error is reported if no disks are found with th ...

Check Group

This script is intended to provide a 'Audit' check of group membership on the local machine, or Domain groups if located on a DC.

Check Hyper-V 2012 health - BPA & VM

Check Hyper-V health through NRPE by: -Executing and retrieving BPA Results -Checking not running VM -Checking not operational normally VM Warning and Critical state are triggered on sum of: -Number of BPA issues -Number of VM in bad shape You ...

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