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Check for Windows Updates

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check_msupdate.wsf.txtcheck_msupdate.wsf version 1.0
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A simple check to see if there are windows updates pending on the checked machine.
It's very important for windows updates to be installed promptly, so I wrote a check to remind me. It's far from perfect. It only checks to see if wuauclt.exe is running. This isn't perfect. wuauclt seems to run in notification mode when a machine has recently rebooted automatically due to a windows update install. So this should only be installed on machines that are set to notify you when updates are available.

If anybody knows a more foolproof method for monitoring if windows updates are needing to be installed, please post it!

**Note** wuauclt.exe will run briefly every day when Windows "phones home" to check for updates. All I did was change retry_check_interval to five minutes.