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Check free disk space

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Check free space on windows partitions. It tries to resemble as much as possible with check_disk from the Official Nagios Plugin package.

** Modified Barry W. Alder 2013/09/24
changed code so that an error is reported if no disks are found with the /x flag and an error is reported if the disk specified in the /d flag is not found

It checks all partitions, a list or all but an exclusion list.
Limits can be in % or in standard units (B | kB | MB | GB)

Results are displayed in standard nagios format.

cscript //Nologo check_disk.vbs /w:INTEGER /c:INTEGER [/p] [/d:DRIVE_LIST | /x:DRIVE_LIST] [/u:UNITS] [/h]

/w: warning limit

/c: critical limit

/p: limits in %, otherwise in UNITS

/d: included drives list

/x: excluded drives list

/u: B | kB | MB | GB, default MB

/h: this help

check_disk.vbs /w:15 /c:5 /p /d:CDE /u:kB - result will be displayed in kB, limits are in percents

check_disk.vbs /w:500 /c:250 - result will be displayed in MB, limits are in MB, all fixed drives
Reviews (1)
If a filesystem is checked which does not exist the plugin returns OK with an empty list!

This is a bug or at least dangerous because a file system could have existed before and may have a problem now. So it should at least return a warning imho.