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Compatible With
  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios XI
  • Nagios Fusion
check_netsnmp_memory.plcheck_netsnmp_memory.pl - version 0.15 (Dec 2011) - 1st of 2 required files / use this if you have older system with 2.4 kernel
check_netsnmp_memory.plcheck_snmp_memory.pl - version 0.2 (Jan 2012) - 1st of 2 required files
check_snmp_attributes.plcheck_snmp_attributes.pl - version 0.32 (Dec 2011) - 2nd of 2 required files
memoryutilization_statistics.ncfggraphing template for nagiosgrapher
check_snmp_memory_linux_015.phpgraphing template for pnp4nagios for check_netsnmp_memory.pl v 0.15
check_snmp_memory_linux.phpgraphing template for pnp4nagios for check_netsnmp_memory v.0.2
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This plugin provides unix memory statistics data from NetSNMP and calculates amount and percent of used memory and free memory, as well amounts and percent of used system, user, buffer, cache. SWAP memory in use is also returned. All data retrieved can be used for CRITICAL and WARNING alert conditions or can be graphed with templates available for nagiosgrapher and pnp4nagios.
This plugin provides memory statistics data from NetSNMP and calculates percentage of used data based on amount of system/user memory as opposed to also including buffer/cache by default as other plugins do (which is a problem for heavily used servers where disk cache would end up using all unused memory).

The returned data are:
total_free - Total free memory in MB,
total_real - Total real memory on a system,
avail_real - Free real memory
total_swap - Total swap
avail_swap - Free swap memory
shared - In use shared memory (should be 0 on > 2.4 linux kernel)
buffer - In use buffer memory
cached - In use disk cache memory
total - Total memory on the system, real + swap
used_swap - Swap memory in use
%avail_real - Percent of available real memory
%used_real - Percent of real memory in use
%avail_swap - Percent of swap memory available
%used_swap - Percent of swap memory in use
user - Memory used by user (and system and kernel) processes
%user_real - Percent memory used for user processes in relation to total real memory (can be >100%)
%cached_real - Percent of user disk cache in relation to total real memory
%buffer_real - Percent of buffer memory in relation to total real

The plugin also serves as an example of using check_snmp_attributes plugin base library which does all the work where as plugin check_netsnmp_memory.pl file only defines RPL expressions used to calculate above from retrieved SNMP data.

There are also pretty and quite useful graph templates available for nagiosgrapher and pnp4nagios for performance data returned by this plugin.
Reviews (3)
byspicysomtam, August 27, 2015
Just works on centos6; I got the issue mentioned by another poster on ubuntu, so might be worth investigating.

pnp4nagios template is good too.

I used the example in the pl script.

Make a change not to have to do alot of fiddling around to get it to work.
byFfeijo, November 12, 2013
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Does what it should, beautifully. Thanks for the good work, William.
bylevilovelock, May 1, 2012
3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Just want to say thanks for this. The basic snmp_mem commands aren't very convenient. They don't do the nice stuff like let you check warning/critical levels against the percentage you have free. Also your plugin includes swap information too, very cool.

Didn't have any trouble installing and getting working, thankyou. I'll be looking into your other plugins and maybe even your graphing stuff too.