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byspicysomtam, September 1, 2015
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
This plugin almost did what I wanted, so I added some enhancements to make it perfect for our needs:

Added --notraffic (-n) and --match (-m) args: So we can skip no traffic interfaces and pattern match on the interface name using a regex. On linux hosts you can have alot of interfaces, and we are not interested in ones not used (eg have no traffic). The notraffic arg also prevents supurious alerts when not in use interfaces are down and -b is specified. Also sorted the output on interface name order; rather than being jumbled up. This makes bond interfaces display before eth interfaces; it just makes much more sense as a bond interface is typically made up of several eth interfaces. So we would see: OK. bond0:up eth0:up eth1:up eth2:up eth3:up eth4:up eth5:up. The pattern match allows you to only include interfaces that match the pattern. Eg (bond|eth|em|eno).

Thanks for writing the script, and with some tweaks I was able to do everything we needed.

Where can I upload the script I updated?
byspicysomtam, August 27, 2015
Just works on centos6; I got the issue mentioned by another poster on ubuntu, so might be worth investigating.

pnp4nagios template is good too.

I used the example in the pl script.

Make a change not to have to do alot of fiddling around to get it to work.
byspicysomtam, August 26, 2015
Overall does the job but perf data does not match Nagios 3.x API specs.

Thus I tweaked it. Also added a -m|-multicpu option to display perf data for each cpu (this is useful if you have a process looping in a core using 100% cpu). If you have once core then it doesn't show cpu0 (cpu0 and cpu_avg would be same).

How can I upload the new version I tweaked?
byspicysomtam, July 18, 2011
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
I did unpack and test this out against nagios 3.2.1. However it does not have the functionality to select hostgroups and servicegroups. I am sure this easily be added. It does work. Check out and modify the examples in the examples dir.