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Check the disk usage of a netscaler using snmp.
This plugin is written in perl and requires the perl module: Net::SNMP. Tested Netscaler v9.
Reviews (2)
ambermeh - Within the script, it has a line starting with "use lib" and a fixed path. In my case that needed to be changed to /usr/lib/nagios/plugins. In the command definition, I also decided to use /usr/bin/perl instead of the built-in Nagios perl. Just by prefixing /usr/bin/perl in command_name. Hope that helps. We've got disk, memory, cpu and sessions all working, so let me know if you're stuck and I can share.
byambermeh, February 26, 2013
I configured on plugin to monitor my netscaler loadbalancer but nagios page shows critical and "No output" on status page of nagios.

but its working fine if check on command line.
Please let us know whats wrong with plugin