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check_vnc.txtversion 0.4
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Checks VNC on a remote machine including vnc authentication and getting a full screen shot through the VNC protocol.

Tests VNC on a remote machine, including logging in and taking a screen shot. It accepts a standard vnc credential file with which to authenticate.

The screenshot is a more realistic test that just a port test, and is done at minimum display quality leading it to be surprisingly fast test (~0.3 seconds).

The plugin relies on the vncsnapshot program.

On Gentoo: "emerge vncsnapshot"
On Debian: "apt-get install vncsnapshot"
or get vncsnapshot from here

./check_vnc -H somemachine --passwd-file credentialsfile
OK: vnc logged in and image obtained successfully

./check_vnc -H Kosh --passwd-file vncpass --verbose
OK: vnc logged in and image obtained successfully. VNC server supports protocol version 3.8 (viewer 3.3)

./check_vnc -H Starfury -f vncpass --timing
OK: vnc logged in and image obtained successfully. Test completed in 0.307 seconds

./check_vnc --help
usage: check_vnc options

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-H SERVER, --server=SERVER

The Hostname or IP Address of the VNC server


The VNC password file to use. You can generate this
using 'vncpasswd ' on the command line

-t TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT

Sets a timeout after which the the plugin will self

1. Defaults to 10 seconds.

-T, --timing Enable timer output
-v, --verbose Verbose mode. Good for testing plugin. By default only

one result line is printed as per Nagios standards

-V, --version Print version number and exit


Cannot currently test a vnc server on a non-standard port due to an underlying restriction of the vncsnapshot program which seems to be common to several vnc based programs. I have made a feature request for this, but until it is implemented, it's not possible to re-write this plugin to have a --port switch.

For bug reports, feature requests etc contact me at hpsekhon at googlemail dot com.
Reviews (1)
byiBrewBeer, May 5, 2011
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Works great! Not clear if the image is being saved permanently, temporary, or not at all. Still gets 5 stars though because it does exactly what I need it to do, and does it flawlessly.