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Check the print queue on a local or remote cups server.
check_cups_queue can query the status of a CUPS print server on a local or remote print server. Optionally, the age of jobs in the queue can be checked for age (user defined - in days). Any jobs older than X days will alert as critical. Also outputs performance data.

Requires 'lpadmin' from CUPS package on system running the script and mktemp.

Usage: check_cups_queue -H -T -w -c -a

-H: Hostname - Can be a hostname or IP address
-T: Type of check - Can be queue size (s) or both queu size and queue age (b)
-w: WARNING level for queue size
-c: CRITICAL level for queue size
-a: Max age of queue. Returns CRITICAL if jobs exists older than days

Example output without age check:
./check_cups_queue -H prodcups01 -T s -w 50 -c 100
OK: CUPS queue size - 3| print_jobs=3;50;100;0

Example output with age check (-a):
./check_cups_queue -H prodcups01 -T b -w 50 -c 100 -a 0
CRITICAL: Some CUPS jobs are older than 0 days| print_jobs=4;50;100;0

Example warning output:
WARNING: CUPS queue size - 5| print_jobs=5;3;10;0

Example critical output:
CRITICAL: CUPS queue size - 4| print_jobs=4;1;2;0

Example check_command:

define command {
command_name check_cups_queue
command_line $USER4$/new/check_cups_queue -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -T b -w $ARG1$ -c $ARG2$ -a $ARG3$

Example service definition:

define service {
service_description Check CUPS Print Queue
use generic-service-template
host_name prodcups02.clacorp.com
check_command check_cups_queue!50!100!1
Reviews (2)

I am getting this error:
lpstat: Transport endpoint is not connected

Please can you help me fix it?
I downloaded this and made some enhancements/fixes to it.
I did not find any update mechanism on NagiosExchange other than claiming and then changing the plugin.
I'll post my enhancement as a new plugin.