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Category: Printing

Nagios plugins for monitoring print queues, print queue software, etc.

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Check HP officejet6700 ink state

./check_hp_printer n nParts are: black, yellow, cyan and magenta nExample: ./check_hp_printer public black 80 95


Check MS Print Server Queue (jobs)

This is an agent Script to check print queues of printers as they are registered on an Microsoft print server It checks for current jobs in each printer and the status is decided by the command line arguments the total jobs statuses have priority over i ...

Check printer toner (HP)

Check printer toner (HP) The script for verifying the toner level for the HP printers which have issues with SNMP. I have the HP DeskJet 2630 and the web interface of it is passwordless (maybe I'll add auth support in the future, as for now - nope). The script checks if the print ...


Check Printer Toner Cartridge Level via SNMP with local...

Nagios Plugin to check the remaining pages (toner) of a printer SNMPv1 also working if the printer is switched off or just just from time to time.



Check the print queue on a local or remote cups server.


Enhanced script from John E. Vincent ( -Added support for selection specific queue


check_designjet Check consumables for HP Designjet Printers. You can check: - overall status, - paper length (in meter) on multiple rolls, - cartridge levels, - printhead levels. If you need some other designjet checks or found some bugs, report me, i'll fix it f ...



check_hpInk Monitors ink levels for HP inkjet printers. This script is able to get the Magenta ink level, which is not available with the normal snmpget function - as the HP snmp driver is broken. This script returns the remaining ink levels as percent-full.



check_hpjd_new About 90% of the time there is a warning from my printers, it's because they are running low on toner. This module will tell you what cartridge to order for HP Jet Direct printers.


Check the status of an HP Officejet J4680 series printer


checks the given Supply on a HP-Printer via SNMP. To use this Plugin your HP-Printers must have SNMP enabled.



Nagios plugin to check PaperCut NG/MF health using PaperCut API.


check_printer (SNMP Printer Resource Check)

Checks remote printer resources via SNMP using standard resource OIDs. Should work with most SNMP-enabled printers. Written be ecrist, who wrote the printer levels NagVis gadget.

LicenseBSD This Plugin collects general information about your printer via SNMP. Following Infos will be collected: Modell, Serialnumber, Printed Pages (Perfdata) To use this Plugin your Printers must have SNMP enabled.



check_printq monitors an AIX queue. It gets the queue status and reports queued jobs via check_nrpe



Outputs printer info, page usage count or consumables status and perfomance data from Dell printers.



Plugin to check all printers on a windows, like print server. It will inform how many printers have, how many are offline and also alert with warning or critical depending on the amount of printers offline. Please check the readme at https://github. ...


Report of printing month by month

This script allows to have reports of impression of pages printed month by month. This script generates reports in the format txt and sending the whole with samba on a division(sharing) Windows. It is then enough to work these files with Excel.