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bywiede, August 8, 2012
Sorry, but for me it doesn't work :(

Here is the data which I got with check_iftraffic41, which looks really strange (e.g. IN with 11536.25%):
Average IN: 1.15KBs (11536.25%), Average OUT: 431.12Bs (4311.25%) Total RX: 2.15GBytes, Total TX: 2.07GBytes|inUsage=11536.25%;98;99 outUsage=4311.25%;98;99 inBandwidth=1153.62Bs outBandwidth=431.12Bs inAbsolut=2305851750 outAbsolut=2223394934

And here are the data which I got with check_iftraffic3, which looks better:
Average IN: 0Kbs (0.00%), Average OUT: 0Kbs (0.00%)Total RX: 144115734.38 Mbits, Total TX: 138962183.38 Mbits|inUsage=0.00%;85;98 outUsage=0.00%;85;98 inBandwidth=0Kbs outBandwidth=0Kbs inAbsolut=18889537536000 outAbsolut=18214051299328

bywiede, June 28, 2012
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Thanks for this Plugin, but it seams so, that not all installation used the same SNMP OID's like you. E.g. we have a Cluster and to check the BES Version we have to use: and for the second node:

bywiede, April 12, 2011
But it will be perfect, when you can insert the Community also into the Test :)
(line 73 and maybe 78)
e.g. like this:
$TEST=`$snmpstatus -v 1 $SERVER -c @ARGV[1]
bywiede, April 12, 2011
Hmm, it looks more, that you must choose everytime the hard disk which you want and there is no possibility to check ALL of them once :)
bywiede, April 10, 2011
Please, use the parameter "-a" in the NC_net command, otherwise you get problems, when there are too many Services.