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byrmeden, January 22, 2014
bad time offsets were preventing kerberos from working, now we can monitor it. (firewall blocks many ports)

one bug... UTC translates to an invalid offset of 00000 (5 zeros) fix:

143 $remote_tz="0000" if $remote_tz eq '00000'; #eden
145 $remote_ts=DateTime->new( year=>$r_year, month=>$r_month, day=>$r_day, hour=>$r_hour, minute=>$r_minute, second=>$r _sec, time_zone=>$remote_tz,formatter =>$formatter);
byrmeden, September 6, 2012
Seems to report fmadm problems, but more details of the problem would be nice.

For Sparc Solaris 10 add the following to snmpd.conf
dlmod sunFM /usr/lib/fm/sparcv9/libfmd_snmp.so
byrmeden, June 13, 2011
Script works perfectly! No need to install an agent on the windows machine, uses the stock SNMP agent.