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A script to check whether NSCA works properly
I couldn't believe it when I found out that nobody had written a script to verify whether NSCA is working properly. It's one of the basic foundations of Nagios! It's of the utmost importance to our monitoring environment and noone bothers to check it?!

Right. So I wrote a check script myself. It's verification is two-fold:

1) Verify that the NSCA process is running.

2) Insert a message into NSCA and verify that Nagios receives it.

The script should be run on the system that's -receiving- NSCA messages. It requires the use of the send_nsca binary (naturally).
Reviews (1)
bykn, December 30, 2011
My thoughts exactly.
As soon I had a working nsca, i thought : I have to monitor this, cause if it's down, I'll never know about it and my remote checks will be worthless

I was just about to go and write a shell script to deal with that when I found yours.