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Category: Nagios

Nagios plugins to monitor Nagios. What? The world is imploding when Nagios monitors itself. :-)

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There are 21 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Check NDO update status

Perl Plugin, which checks the status of ndo using a sql query. Currently supported database type: MySQL


This script check a subnet looking for machines that are not monitored with nagios



This plugin can scan a subnet for hosts that Nagios is NOT monitoring and add them to Nagios.



A small Bash Script for monitoring Nagios Latency


Check Nagios Execution Time and Latency averages against thresholds.


check_nagiostats This plugin checks nagios performance data by parsing the nagios status.dat file, which is expected to be located at "/usr/local/nagios/var/status.dat". This version runs stable with host and service latency check on my nagios 3.2.2. Anyway, this plu ...



check_nagios_config Verify the nagios configuration with 'nagios -v'. There are many situations where a nagios configuration can sit broken without anyone noticing.



check_nagios_summary enables you to do perform distributed monitoring using Nagios. With this plugin, a Nagios system can check and summarize the status of other (satellite) Nagios systems.


A script to check whether NSCA works properly


This is a Perl plugin for Nagios to check specified Nagios config files and exit with critical status (2) if any have been checked longer than 60 minutes ago.


Calculate a status derived from the current statuses of other hosts and services. This calculation is defined by a simple script. Helps with cluster state definitions.


check_supervisord_programs extends nagios monitoring by interacting with the supervisord socket. It is written in BASH, meaning its agnostic across linux variants. Usage ./check_supervisord_program -c Alternate config file -p Prog ...


check_topology is a Nagios plugin to check for the correct configuration of host parent/child relationships.


This check reads the json output of welle-cli (Part of, a SDR DAB+ receiver) and checks if the audio of the selected DAB+ service (sid) is present at some level, along with some other DAB+ service parameters (bitrate, allotment, snr, dls).



The check_wrapper plugin has been developed to facilitate testing of the nagios system itself. The plugin can be wrapped around any other plugin and can be configured to insert simulated error codes. It can also be used to log in syslog the invocation of ...


Nagios Latency

This simple plugin checks the Active Service Check Latency of the local nagios daemon.

Nagios Service Active Check

A small bash script that monitor the percentage of active checks in the last 1/5/15/60 minutes.

Profiler to check plugin execution time

This is a simple perl script that parses /var/log/nagios/status.dat and prints how long execution of each service type took. Useful for performance tuning. THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN - it is a console utility.


serviceNow Incident Notifier

serviceNowIncidentNotifier allows Nagios to automatically create and update incidents within your ServiceNow ticketing system Usage: ./serviceNowIncidentNotifier -s [Val] -l [Val] -a [Val] -i [Val] -u [Val] -c -a Assignment Group -c Create Ti ...