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Category: SNMP

Nagios plugins for monitoring SNMP.

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Check hpux disk space using the default hpunix agent. Script is based on check_snmp_storage by Patrick Proy.


Nagios plugin for monitor IBM ESS (Shark) via SNMP


Checks the SNMP Operating Status of Interfaces given by the IP Address of the Subinterface. Developed to check for example Cisco Router with many Subinterfaces which possibly might reorganize the SNMP Interface IDs. MySQL Caching included.


Check status of temperature sensors and fans on linux hosts with LM-SENSORS-MIB.


Based on great plugin check_snmp_lmsensors ( Added option to check core temperature.

LicenseGPL This plugin provides unix memory statistics data from NetSNMP and calculates amount and percent of used memory and free memory, as well amounts and percent of used system, user, buffer, cache. SWAP memory in use is also returned. All data retrieved can be ...


With this shell script you can check the real memory (Cache, Bufer, Use), through the snmp protocol, the memory usage in MB and free at %. Con este check puedes comprobar el uso de la memoria real disponible, teniendo en cuenta la cacheada y la usada c ...



This perl script query an UM_LINK unit via SNMP and grab some useful information applied to determine the status of the MGE UPS COMET S31 to send it to Nagios.

check_snmp_netint - Advanced Network Interface Check

This is a placeholder for those who followed old links to find popular check_snmp_netint plugin on Nagios Exchange. The plugin has been renamed check_netint as its no longer limited to SNMP, so look for "check_netint / check_snmp_netint - Advanced Netwo ...



The plugin can take value for any snmp oid and status OK, WARNING or CRITICAL if this value exceed specified restrictions. It works with pnp4nagios addon.


A simple script which retrieves via SNMP (net-snmp) the list of installed packages on a FreeBSD system and checks for known vulnerabilities with portaudit.

check_snmp_proliant_duplex php

Check the duplex and speed settings of HP Proliant NICS via SNMP (Requires hp insight NIC agents to be running on host to check)


Checks the physical memory module for degraded status


script to check snmp status of HP Proliant RAID Controller


Checks if SNMP will answer and displays the information found. Can be very usefull in service dependencies to make all SNMP based services dependent of this one. By Martin Fuerstenau


This plugin is a modification of the check_snmp_storage plugin that properly handles large mount points (>4TB) It works by leveraging the UCD-SNMP-MIB module to check storage utilization of a mount point. It was initially created due to limitations wit ...



check_snmp_storage_usage Storage usage check via SNMP by Marko Pavlovic. Can be used to monitor Linux and Windows target hosts.



check that SNMP-'sysName' matches DNS A record for this host, alternately that it matches a specified string. Very useful for making sure network device sysName values are kept proper when they're deployed/rearranged.


Checks the temperatures of any Proliant Hardware. No need to have 10s of plugins.


Check the system time on a host against the localhost time using snmp.


A Perl-based plugin to check the time on a remote system using SNMP.


This is a plugin that allows you to query plugins remotely via the UCD SNMP daemon. It works similarly to NRPE but via SNMP.


Checks with SNMP the power status of SOCOMEC UPS thru NetVision IP Board

check_usolved_disks - Check usage on all disks

check_usolved_disks - Check usage on all disks This PHP Nagios plugin automaticly detects all disks/partitions of a Windows or Linux operating system and checks the free space. You don't need a check for every disk and just can use this check that'll return all available disks on the system. If a syst ...



Modified Version of by Dan Capper, enhanced by Anatoly Rabkin. This version filters snmp-storagetype "hrStorageCompactDisc" out, so that only disk-based volumes are checked.

Cisco - Check Call Manager (CCM) - SNMP v1, v2c, v3

Check Cisco Call Manager CCM - Version 2.4 (29/12/2009) > CCM informations > Devices registered per type

Cisco - Check Juniper SA - SNMP v1, v2c, v3

Check Juniper SA - Version 1.2 (29/12/2009) > Disk > Memory > Users connected

Cisco ACE 4700 Loadbalancer Failover State Check

Plugin to check the failover state of Cisco ACE 4700 Loadbalancer appliances

Cisco AP Profile Status

This script gather information (via SNMP) from Cisco 4400 Series Wireless Controller about the status of 4 profiles associated with each Cisco AP

Cisco AP Traffic

This script gather information (via SNMP) from Cisco 4400 Series Wireless Controller about traffic utilization of Access Point in question


Checks for CPU and Memory status. Tested with 5520 Cisco ASA.


Cisco ASA - PIX Checks

Plugin for Cisco ASA / PIX to Check the Firewall

Cisco IPS SNMP Checks

Checks for CPU, Traffic and IPS status. Tested with AIP-SSM modules for Cisco ASA.

Cisco PIX failover status

Plugin to check failover status of a Cisco PIX/ASA cluster.


This plugin checks established connections on Cisco ASA firewalls.

Cluster Fortigates

This version allows you to monitore a cluster of Fortigate Firewalls with snmp protocol.

Disk check with snmp

Check disk space with snmp

DSMP2: hardware monitoring for Windows via SNMP

DSMP2 for MS Windows offers the possibility to monitor various hardware sensors of a PC such as fan and temperature via SNMP and to send SNMP traps if thresholds are exceeded. DSMP2 supports a large number of monitoring ICs. Scripts for nagios3 are includ ...


Enhanced Windows Disk Check

Perl script that uses SNMP (via snmpget) to get disk usage information from Windows hosts. Outputs usage %, total, used and free space in human-readable format with auto-scaling (KiB up to TiB).

HP Insight Manager Log Checker-rewrite

This checks HP Insight Manager logs, using snmp, and alerts on log entries of status Critical, Unknown and Cautious. It is based on - but I ripped out the entire check code - and rewrote to check on the actual status of the log entry ...

HP Physical Drive Check SNMP PHP Based

SNMP Based check for HP Physical Drive MIB, PHP Based,


Checks the errors of a given interface name with snmp. without the overhead of check_traffic.


Checks the utilization of a given interface name with snmp. without the overhead of check_traffic.

Infrant Readynas - SNMP Health

This is a collection of scripts to monitor the heath of an infrant readynas.

Interface Speed

This plugin shows the average interface-load between two checks. It is written in Perl and make use of SNMP.

IU Nagios Plugins

The Indiana University Nagios Plugins are a set of addons for the Nagios monitoring system that allow a variety of network services to be monitored.

Juniper SRX240 Monitoring Plugin (snmp)

This Plugin was written to monitor Juniper SRX240. What it does: - get FRU Units, its name and state based on OID (FRU) - gets ( if aviable ) TEMP of FRU Units (TEMP) - gets CPU- and MEM-Usage of System (S ...


Keepalived IPVS

Checks the status of Keepalived IPVS via SNMP. Additionally, this check provides details of the IP virtual servers and real servers configured within Keepalived.

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