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Cisco - Check Juniper SA - SNMP v1, v2c, v3

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Check Juniper SA - Version 1.2 (29/12/2009) > Disk > Memory > Users connected
This script check Juniper SA (tested on Juniper SA-4500).
Modules included :
### Mode 1 - Disk ###
# - check Disk and log file status
# => warning or critical if used too much
### Mode 2 - Memory ###
# - check memory used
# => warning or critical if used too much
### Mode 3 - Users ###
# - check number of users connected
# => warning or critical if too much users connected

check_snmp_juniper_sa.sh -H hostname -V version -M mode [-w|-c|-C|-l|-u|-a|-m|-d|-h]
-H (IP adresse or DNS name)
-V (1|2c|3)
-M (disk|memory|users)
-w *** Use on disk|memory|users mode ***
-c *** Use on disk|memory|users mode ***
-C (name) *** Use on Version 1|2 ***
-l (NoAuthNoPriv | AuthNoPriv | AuthPriv) *** Use on Version 3 ***
-u *** Use on Version 3 ***
-a *** Use on Version 3 ***
-m *** Use on users mode ***
-d Debug mode
-h Help (print command usage, and quit)

Sample commands:
#./check_snmp_juniper_sa.sh -H -V 1 -M disk -C Public -w 80 -c 90
OK - Disk used : 3% - Log file full : 2% | Used=3 log=2 Max=100

#./check_snmp_juniper_sa.sh -H -V 2c -M memory -C Public -w 50 -c 90
Warning - Memory used : 56% - Swap used : 12% | Used=56 swap=12 Max=100

#./check_snmp_juniper_sa.sh -H -V 2c -M users -C Public -w 80 -c 90 -m 100
OK - Users connected : 1/100 | Users=1 Max=100

#./check_snmp_juniper_sa.sh -h
Display help

#./check_snmp_juniper_sa.sh xxxxxx -d
Active debug mod