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SNMP Interface

3 votes
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Checks by snmp (v1,v2c or v3) host interface state, bandwidth in use, errors and discards. Interfaces can be selected by regexp ( 'eth' will check eth0, eth1, eth2, ...).
Standard checks

The script will check interface operationnal (or administrative) status using the MIB-II table.
Full snmp v1, v2c and v3 support (AuthNoPriv, AuthPriv).
The interfaces are selected by their description in the MIB-II table.
Regular expressions can be used (eth will match eth0, eth1, eth2...).

The script will return OK if ALL interfaces selected are UP, or CRITICAL if at least one interface is down.

Script can return a OK value when all interfaces are down (and CRITICAL when at least one is up) with the -i option.

It is also possible to check the interface bandwidth (in / out in K|M|GB/s or K|M|Gb/s).

You can use high performance MIB for high speed interface (>1Gbps)

Performance output :
- In/out octet (as a counter) or speed.
- In/out errors and discarded packets.

More descriptions and downloads :
Reviews (3)
After I tried several plugins I was unable to check network interfaz status in Linux Centos 7 virtual box machine.
With this plugin I get it in 5 minutes.
Thank you !
byrisker, September 28, 2015
Great Plugin if configured correctly.

More samples are available on the maintainers homepage
by_bk201, January 8, 2013
If i run "./ -H -C banana -n outside" I get back: Adaptive Security Appliance 'outside' interface:UP:1 UP: OK

If i run "./ -H -C public -n outside -k" i get error:
"Use of uninitialized value $o_warn_opt in split at ./ line 330.
2 warning levels for bandwidth checks

Any ideas? running debian6 with Perl 5.10.1