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byagentdavidson, January 16, 2022
I've been using the script for many years across various networking devices successfully. However I tried it against a new Foritgate 100F Firewall (FortiOS 6.4.7) and it wouldn't find any of the interfaces by name. It would just return:
ERROR : Unknown interface

snmpwalk revelled that the interface names were under ifName OID rather than ifDescr OID

So I made a copy of the script and changed the $descr_table variable to this:
my $descr_table = '';

And bingo. Now it's working with this Fortigate.
byagentdavidson, May 8, 2017
Hi Willix -

I couldn't get the -net flag to work but I updated the $oid_engineTime as follows:-

-my $oid_engineTime = ''; # SNMP-FRAMEWORK-MIB
+my $oid_engineTime = ''; # SNMP-FRAMEWORK-MIB

It appears to need the dot zero on the end of it.

byagentdavidson, April 12, 2017
I found I had to add a 'space' in the perfdata print statement in order for pnp4nagios to process the perfdata correctly
-$perfdata = sprintf("| SessActive=%s,SessMax=%s,SessFail=%s\n",
+$perfdata = sprintf("| SessActive=%s, SessMax=%s, SessFail=%s\n",