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by_bk201, January 8, 2013
If i run "./check_snmp_int.pl -H -C banana -n outside" I get back: Adaptive Security Appliance 'outside' interface:UP:1 UP: OK

If i run "./check_snmp_int.pl -H -C public -n outside -k" i get error:
"Use of uninitialized value $o_warn_opt in split at ./check_snmp_int.pl line 330.
2 warning levels for bandwidth checks

Any ideas? running debian6 with Perl 5.10.1
by_bk201, November 1, 2012
2 of 3 people found this review helpful
Awesome plugin, thanks!

Also if you are having issues with "error code 13 out of bounds" you probably tested it with root user on command line first, which creates a 'traffic' folder in the 'libexec' folder with root ownership, change owner and or group to your nagios user to fix this.
Pretty good plugin, i had to delete the line :
#$output .= "Total RX: ".$rx.$label.", Total TX: ".$tx.$label;

Because i use this with nagiosgraph, i couldnt see any of the Average's only the Totals which were >50gb

Question: how do you lower the average time for Average IN and Average OUT? i would like to know if our bandwidth every maxes out over, say 5 minutes.