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Monitoring Interface Bandwidth Utilization Using Cacti Data

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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_port_saturation.pyPython 2.7 Plugin for Nagios3
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This Python plugin will alert when the average bandwidth utilization of a network interface exceeds the configured thresholds. It uses data that is already being captured on a remote (or local) Cacti server rather than storing data in a local database. Max Speed for an interface is found via SNMP.

In order for this plug-in to work you need to map Cacti Graph ID's to the SNMP IfIndex value of the device you are monitoring. Instructions and a script for easily generating this map can be found on my website.

Plugin Usage:

check_port_saturation.py -H HOST -g GRAPH_ID [-s CACTI_SERVER] [-c CRIT] [-w WARN] [-V {1,2,3}] [-C SNMP_COM] -i IF_INDEX

('-H', '--host', required=True,
help='Host we are checking')
('-C', '--snmp_com', default='public', required=True,
help='SNMP community')
('-V', '--snmp_ver', type=int, default=2, choices=[1, 2, 3],
help='SNMP version')
('-g', '--graph_id', required=True,
help='Cacti graph id')
('-s', '--cacti_server', required=True,
help='Cacti server hostname')
('-c', '--crit', default=90, type=int,
help='critical saturation level in %')
('-w', '--warn', default=80, type=int,
help='warning saturation level in %')
('-i', '--if_index', required=True,
help='ifIndex value for snmp')

Example of running from command line:

porter@nagios:~$ ./check_port_saturation.py -g 23822 -s netprobe -H dist1 -i 369098807 -C public
SUCCESS: Avg_In= 1405.02 Mbps and Avg_Out= 777.29 Mbps