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check_mq.zipcheck_mq perl script
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Checks queue depth of an IBM WebSphere MQSeries queue.
This small and simple perl script checks the depth of an IBM MQSeries queue and checks it agains a warning and critical number. To be used as a plugin for Nagios. Requires the MQSeries module (see CPAN, H/HB/HBIERSMA/MQSeries-1.23.tar.gz is the one I use at the moment) and of course any prerequisites this module has (one of them being a working MQSeries client or server installation on your Nagios server).

Example command line :
check_mq -H 'SERVER(1414)' -m QMGR -a CHANNEL -q QUEUE -w 10 -c 20

Note the IBM MQSeries manner of denoting the Server and Queuemanager port (default port is for IBM MQSeries is 1414). Suggestions welcome via the comments option here.

This plugin returns performance data of course.
Reviews (1)
byjuanj20, May 27, 2014
when trying to make the query shows me the following

./check_mq -H x.x.x.x -m QMGR -a CHANNEL -q QUEUE -w 10 -c 20

"Unable to connect to queuemanager"

I'll have to be set some user?