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  • Nagios 3.x
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Nagios plugins, to monitoring websphere internals, using perfservlet.
cwas-nagios is a perl script for nagios, this script parses output from PerfServlet servlet, a that work for see websphere internals, like:

* Memory usage
* Cpu Usage
* Garbage Collection time
* Garbage Collection Interval
* Webcontainer threads
* Webcontainer hang threads
* Number of connections to some datasource
* Sessions alive
* Servlet time for war and some particular servlet

Installation, you need install this perl modules:
* use LWP::Simple;
* use XML::Simple;
* use Data::Dumper;
* use Getopt::Long;
And enable PMI & install perfservlet in Websphere Application Server

Usage for monitoring:

* --warning .- warning value
* --critical.- critical value
* --type .- war container
* --port .- default_host port server .-
* --server ip for websphere application server
* --subtype
* For network deployment add --servername and --nodename
*include autentication to websphere
Reviews (1)
byray_nagios, February 28, 2012
$ perl --type jvm --warning 300 --critical 400 --servername HRMTEST01 --nodename asatest01 --user user123 --pass "changeme" --server --port 9081 --subtype mem
Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at line 77.
Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at line 79.
Illegal division by zero at line 80.
Terribly broken script, written in Perl, XML format the script expects is different, too many problems, might as well rewrite the script from scratch
Owner's reply

Hello, I apologize for leaving the script a little bit ditched, would appreciate you send me suggestions for include as a fix, my email address is if you want send me comments

thanks in advance
Dario Garcia